Seattle Wireless Internet Service WiMax Rate Quotes

Seattle Wireless Internet Service WiMax Rate Quotes

Seattle wireless Internet service WiMax rate quotes are available to business
customers who need highly reliable dedicated connections
. This type of fixed WiMax
connection is highly reliable and favorably replaces traditional T1 or T3 connections
by completely bypassing the local phone company.
WiMax is a proven alternative for
last-mile access that can be installed in a matter
of days, not weeks or months.

There are many benefits to using a WiMax dedicated connection:

  • Fast installation time compared to all other methods
  • Highly reliable connections with a 100% uptime SLA
  • Truly redundent network by way of multiple backbones
  • Scailable bandwidth lets you increase bandwidth very quickly
  • Low cost last mile, so you get more bandwidth for your money
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